Spotlight on True Worship Christian Fellowship Church’s Feeding Ministry

For the past ten years, three nights per week, Pastor Clifton Dawkins and his wife, leaders of the True Worship Christian Fellowship Church on Joseph E. Boone Avenue in Atlanta’s West End have been using their own funds and resources to feed the hungry in their community.

The church, located in one of the city’s ‘food deserts,’ areas without easy access to grocery stores and fresh food markets, recently joined the list of Second Helpings Atlanta’s partner agencies, and now receives surplus, perishable food from food donors such as Whole Foods in Buckhead on a weekly basis.

“We are so very grateful for this partnership,” says Pastor Dawkins. “Being able to prepare healthy meals, including vegetables and fresh fruit for the fifty to a hundred people who join us every Saturday, Sunday and Monday makes a real difference to our hungry, including quite a number of young kids who otherwise have to make do with chips or other processed foods from convenience stores.”

True Worship Christian Fellowship Church, in the shadow of the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, is also in the process of building a community center to provide targeted assistance to the people who live along the Joseph E. Boone corridor, known for gang activity, drugs and prostitution.

“Second Helpings Atlanta has taken off some of the pressure regarding our feeding ministry so we can focus on other areas where the need for support is great. It makes a big difference,” smiles Pastor Dawkins.