About Us

Our Mission

Second Helpings Atlanta is a nonprofit food rescue organization whose mission is to reduce hunger and food waste in the Metro Atlanta area by rescuing healthy, nutritious, surplus food and distributing it to those in need.  With a community of over 450 volunteers, SHA serves as the link between our network of Food Donors and Partner Agencies who feed the hungry on a daily basis.  The food we rescue every day gets diverted from landfills and is used to feed those in need, making Atlanta a more environmentally responsible metropolitan area.

Our Programs

Second Helpings Atlanta offers a variety of programs and ways individuals and organizations can get involved to support our mission.

90 minute model

90-Minute Model

If you’re looking for a high-impact volunteer experience with a relatively low impact on your schedule, donate 90 minutes every month by becoming a SHA volunteer.

Second Helpings Atlanta volunteers use their own vehicles to rescue healthy, surplus food from one of our Food Donors, transport and deliver it to a nearby Partner Agency and return home in 90 minutes or less. This provides a high impact volunteer experience that makes a meaningful difference in our community while having a low impact on our Volunteers’ busy schedules.

Program Details:

  • Fixed Schedule Routes: Sign up for a route that happens the same day and time every month.
  • Flexible Schedule Routes: If you need more flexibility, join a driving team that lets you select the frequency of your scheduled food rescues.
  • Substitute Driver: Sign up to be a substitute driver for routes that don’t have a full driving team in place.
  • Truck Driver: Get trained to drive our small refrigerated truck to pick up and deliver larger food donations.
  • Truck Leader: Work alongside one of our truck drivers to lend a hand for our larger food rescues.
corporate engagement program

Corporate Engagement

SHA offers companies multiple ways to get their employees engaged to support our mission through skills-based volunteer opportunities and the rescue of surplus food, either from their own facility or a from a nearby Food Donor and community service projects.

Second Helpings Atlanta partners with companies that have a passion for serving their communities and provides a variety of ways to get their employees engaged in supporting SHA’s food rescue mission. This program allows for a stronger connection between our corporate partners, our organization and the community.

Program Details:

  • On Campus Presentations: Employees get facts about hunger, food waste, and the impact on the environment, and they learn how they can make a difference.
  • Adopt a Route: Employees can rescue food on SHA’s behalf.
  • Food Donations: Surplus food from the company’s employee dining hall can be rescued and delivered by employees or SHA volunteers.
  • Community Service Projects: Employees can participate in large group projects that support SHA’s food rescue mission, like assembling snack packs and delivering them to a Partner Agency who serves children.
  • Skills-based Volunteering: Invites employees to share their expertise to support SHA’s marketing, finance, technology and fundraising initiatives.
food for thought

Food For Thought

This program helps educate students about the issues of hunger and food waste and provides a menu of ways schools can get involved and  make a meaningful difference in their communities.

Our Food For Thought program is focused on recruiting the next generation of volunteers to fight hunger and reduce food waste in metro Atlanta, offering students of all ages the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. We educate students about hunger and food waste, encourage students to take action to move the needle on hunger and food waste in our community, and engage students, parents and teachers by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Program Details:

  • On Campus Presentations: Students get the facts about hunger, food waste, the environmental impact of wasted food and how they can get involved.
  • Adopt a Route: students and parents can rescue food on SHA’s behalf.
  • Food Donations: Surplus food from the school’s cafeteria can be rescued and delivered by students and parents.
  • Community Service Projects: the entire school can participate in large group projects that support SHA’s food rescue mission, like assembling snack packs and delivering them to a Partner Agency who serves children.
larege event food rescue

Large Event Food Rescue

With this program, we rescue large volumes of high quality food from some of the region’s biggest venues, providing a reliable source of nutritious food to nearby Partner Agencies

Our Large Event Food Rescue program provides a year-round source of high quality and nutritious food from Atlanta’s largest venues. This significantly reduces food waste and supports each venue’s corporate sustainability and community relations programs.

Food Items We Accept:

  • Prepared Food
  • Proteins
  • Bakery
  • Produce
  • Dairy
  • Canned and shelf-stable items

Our Staff

Andrea Jaron
Executive Director

Andrea Jaron’s passion for helping others was apparent in childhood when she would hold neighborhood carnivals to raise money for charities.  As an undergraduate, she volunteered for a suicide prevention organization and, during law school, donated her time at a Legal Aid clinic. “I’ve always felt like I wanted to make a difference,” she says.

Today, as Executive Director of Second Helpings Atlanta, Andrea is building on a successful career in service. She is inspired by the opportunity to create change by helping people think in new ways about food waste and its societal and environmental impact. 

A native of Detroit, Andrea graduated from the University of Michigan and earned a law degree from Wayne State University. At organizations including Meals on Wheels Atlanta, the Weber School and the Anti-Defamation League, Andrea earned a reputation as one of Atlanta’s most effective and respected non-profit leaders.

Andrea and her husband are the parents of three adult children and a mini-Labradoodle. She is a student and teacher of yoga, and loves exercising, spending time outdoors, reading and watching movies.

“Knowing there are so many hungry and food-insecure people in our community keeps me motivated. There’s a great deal of work to be done and I’m honored to be part of the solution.”

~ Andrea Jaron

Kate Hamilton
Development & Finance

Through her work at Second Helpings Atlanta, Kate Hamilton gets the chance to see the organization’s impact on residents of her hometown. A graduate of Georgia State University, Kate studied sociology and has always been drawn to serving those in need. As Development Associate/Finance Manager, Kate ensures the strength of the organization by supporting fundraising and managing the organization’s finances. 

Early in her career, Kate worked in the corporate world as an accounting analyst before joining the non-profit sector. That led to administrative and finance roles with organizations that serve seniors and individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

At SHA, Kate finds purpose in the organization’s dual mission of serving those who are food insecure, while reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

Kate is an avid gardener and runner. She and her fiancé enjoy live music and spending time with their dog. 

 “The mission of Second Helpings Atlanta keeps me motivated. It’s extremely meaningful to work with a team that’s so dedicated to doing good work for those we serve.”

~ Kate Hamilton

Madi Mainman
Program Coordinator

As a student at Emory University, Madi Mainman became passionate about hunger, food waste and sustainability. As part of internships and volunteer projects she participated in everything from audits of food waste on campus, to preparing meals for those in need. While in college Madi served as president of Emory Food Chain, a student-led food rescue organization.

After graduating with dual degrees in management consulting and sociology, Madi joined the SHA professional staff as Program Coordinator. Currently she manages the Corporate Engagement and Food for Thought programs. Corporate Engagement helps area businesses field teams of volunteers who raise awareness and work together to rescue food. Food for Thought, offered to area schools, students, teachers and families learn about food waste and its impact while doing their part to transfer food from donors to agencies that serve those in need.

In her free time, Madi enjoys trying out new vegetarian recipes, playing board games with friends, drawing, knitting and hiking. 

“My favorite part of our outreach work is finding people who are just as passionate as I am about hunger relief and who really want to make a difference.” ~ Madi Mainman 

Katie Maxwell
Operations Manager

Katie Maxwell has interned and worked for some of the world’s leading companies, including GE and Delta Air Lines. But only now, as Second Helpings Atlanta’s new Operations and Data Manager, has Katie found what she calls her dream job. “It combines my background in technology and process, with my passion for sustainability.”

As a child, the Roswell native was always attracted to systems and technology. Over the years Katie has come to appreciate technology for its role in making lives easier. In her role at SHA, Katie works to optimize the effectiveness of SHA processes and systems. Ultimately, that means successfully running more routes and rescuing more food.\

She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Georgia Tech, including a Master of Sustainable & Environmental Management. Katie’s professional roles include IT leadership positions with GE Power & Water, and Technology Director for PeachDish, a farm-to-table meal kit company. At Second Helpings Atlanta, Katie is responsible for envisioning, designing and implementing  a technical and operational strategy. That includes day-to-day oversight of operations, and management of the technology infrastructure. Katie values the small team environment at SHA and the chance to use technology to help build strong, sustainable communities.

Katie and her partner Justin Martin live in Adair park in southwest Atlanta with their rescue lab mix Chattahoochee. Her leisure time passions include exercising, urban exploring, gardening and checking out local farmers’ markets.

 “What keeps me motivated is knowing that our hard work benefits people, the planet and the community by reducing hunger, eliminating food waste and connecting individuals.”

~ Katie Maxwell

Ikeda Myers
Operations Coordinator

Ikeda Myers brings her education, experience and values to her position as Operations Coordinator for Second Helpings Atlanta. A native of South Florida, Ikeda is a longtime Atlanta resident. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in human services and has held a number of positions with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others. 

Ikeda has served on the professional staff of the Fulton County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Multi Agency Alliance for children. As well, she worked as a behavioral therapist for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Marcus Autism Center. 

At SHA, Ikeda is responsible for maintaining the efficient operation of each food rescue route. She serves as the critical hub linking our network of volunteer drivers, food donors and partner agencies. 

Ikeda loves spending time with her family, the great outdoors and gardening.  

“It’s so gratifying to see the dedication of our volunteers. I especially love to see families volunteering together and educating children on food waste.” 

~ Ikeda Myers

Kim Soltero
Food Donor and Partner Agency Coordinator

Those who knew Kim Soltero as a youngster would not be surprised to learn that she pursued a career in hunger relief. Kim, an Atlanta native, was a leader in social service activities as a high school student at Pace Academy. She studied sociology in college and, later, earned a culinary degree at Johnson and Wales University.

Her husband Gabe’s military career meant that the family, which grew to include three children, moved frequently. While they were stationed in Guam, Kim created a food-rescue program at the base commissary. Excess food that had previously been discarded was instead redirected to area food pantries.

After leaving Guam in 2016, the Solteros returned to Rhode Island where Kim worked at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and at a soup kitchen as event and volunteer coordinator. When they moved back to Atlanta in 2019, Kim became event manager at a local restaurant, but she missed the sense of mission she had experienced at nonprofits. “I decided to poke around and see what I could find.”

That quest led to Second Helpings Atlanta, where Kim became Food Donor and Partner Agency Coordinator in 2020. In her spare time, Kim loves cooking and pursuing craft projects with her youngest son, the only one of three boys still at home.

“As a trained chef, I’ve always hated the idea of food waste. Everybody in my family knows that if there’s a Tupperware with leftovers in the refrigerator, they need to eat that first!”  ~ Kim Soltero









Monique Sorrell
Volunteer Coordinator

Monique Sorrell has always been passionate about reducing hunger and food waste. That’s why serving as Second Helpings Atlanta Volunteer Coordinator is such an ideal fit. Monique works to recruit, place and train the volunteer drivers who rescue and deliver thousands of pounds of food every week. Her duties include making sure routes are filled and that volunteers have the best possible experience. 

Monique especially enjoys working with individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a commitment to making their community a better place to live.


Our Board

Stephen Opler
Lyle Warshauer
Vice President
Cindy Gould
Lisa Boren Sivy
Sheri Labovitz
Immediate Past President
Guenther Hecht
Lifetime Director
Joanne Amposta
Dorian Denburg
Amy Drooker
Sarah Fonder-Kristy
Tara Headd
Deep Kalina
John Morabito
Evie Sacks
Shane Schwab
Dan Sterling
Yvonne Yancy
In 2019, SHA rescued more than 1.7 million pounds of fresh nutritious food.

Our History

Second Helpings Atlanta began as a social action project in 2004 at Temple Sinai Atlanta, organized and operated solely by congregants. The vision was to create a vibrant community of food rescuers – neighbors helping neighbors – that would expand in scope and impact over time. For nine years, a small dedicated group of volunteers operated the organization, recruiting volunteer drivers, Food Donors and Partner Agencies, coordinating the routes, filling vacancies and ensuring that operations ran smoothly.

Second Helpings grew steadily and ultimately became too large for the confines of a congregational project. In 2012, it became an independent nonprofit and Second Helpings was incorporated as Second Helpings Atlanta, Inc. (SHA), and received its 501(c)(3) status in November, 2012. In 2014, SHA hired its first part-time Volunteer Coordinator; in 2015, the Board began a strategic planning process, and quickly determined the need to hire a full-time director. Under the leadership of Joe Labriola, who began as a volunteer with the organization and was hired as Executive Director during the summer of 2015, SHA has transitioned from being volunteer driven to a professionally led organization.

The resulting momentum has been historic. In 2016, SHA grew by over 60% and another 13% in 2017, incorporating several new programs into its operations and consistently rescuing over 100,000 pounds of food every month. In 2017, SHA rescued more than 1.53 million pounds of fresh, nutritious food, enough to provide over 1.27 million meals.

SHA recognized that a key to its success is that it offers a rich, rewarding volunteer experience that has a big impact in the community without having a big impact on people’s busy schedules. Our 90 Minute Model is the cornerstone of our operations, designed to allow our volunteers to leave their home or place of work, rescue food from a Food Donor, deliver it to a Partner Agency and return home or work in 90 minutes or less.

SHA continues to use the power of small actions to transform people’s lives.