Nourishing Atlanta Communities: Intown Cares and Amazon’s Help for Hunger Program

Our mission goes beyond fighting food waste and hunger; it’s about forging meaningful partnerships that create lasting change toward a more sustainable and equitable food system. By uniting passionate individuals and organizations, we have discovered that often, a simple connection can spark a revolution.

One notable success stemmed from the partnership we forged with Intown Cares (formerly known as Intown Collaborative Ministries). In 2021 SHA had the opportunity to connect Intown Cares with Amazon’s Help for Hunger program, which utilizes Amazon’s network of Flex drivers to deliver groceries to those in need. The outcome was nothing short of a lifeline for many of the most vulnerable they serve, allowing them to deliver weekly groceries to those transitioning into stable housing.

For the clients Intown Cares serves, this partnership is more than just sustenance; it’s an embodiment of empowerment and stability that provides a consistent source of nourishment and support. Laura DeGroot, Director of Food Programs at Intown Cares, beautifully encapsulates its significance:

“I have been thankful for this program and partnership because they are allowing us to provide a vital resource to our clients that are being housed through our homeless outreach programs. Once these clients are housed, they are able to receive a weekly grocery delivery and have one less thing to worry about when it comes to maintaining a stable housing solution.”

The impact of this partnership resonates deeply. In 2022, the Help for Hunger program at Intown Cares facilitated the delivery of groceries to an average of 85 households weekly. Today, that impact has blossomed – bringing food support to an astonishing 140 households per week over the summer. This growth reflects the might of collaborative efforts in curbing hunger within Atlanta.

Second Helpings Atlanta’s commitment to forging partnerships that transcend boundaries demonstrates the immense potential within our communities. Through meaningful connections, as exemplified by Intown Cares and Amazon’s Help for Hunger program, a heartfelt narrative of compassion, resilience, and hope has taken root. This ongoing journey of nourishment and empowerment stands as a testament to the remarkable impact of collective action in the fight against food waste and hunger.