Volunteer Highlight: Anna Gillon

Anna on a food rescue route!

Several times a month, Anna Gillon, a Second Helpings volunteer, pulls up to the loading dock at Sprouts in Smyrna and fills her SUV with hundreds of pounds of surplus rescued food. She delivers it to the Gateway Center in downtown Atlanta, a SHA PARTNER AGENCY. “Recently my car was filled with boxes of spinach, prepared meals, bread, produce, cheese and smoothies—it’s just unbelievable!”

As a member of ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, which has HISTORICALLY BEEN INVOLVED IN HUNGER ISSUES, Anna has long been concerned about those in need. When a friend, Volunteer driver Amy Durrell, told Anna about SHA she knew it was the perfect volunteer job. “I hate sitting in meetings and this is a tangible thing I can do,” she explains. Anna, a fit 57, loves the physical aspect of being a driver. She also appreciates helping those in need without having to ask for money. “I just really love doing this,” she adds.