Jean Millkey: It’s a No Brainer!

Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 7 – 14, 2019

Jean Millkey shared a Second Helpings Atlanta pickup route with a co-worker. But when her colleague moved away, Jean took over the route. “It’s only about an hour or an hour-and-a-half each month. It’s so simple, I’ve been tempted to sign up for more!”

Millkey, a lifelong volunteer, appreciates that Second Helpings Atlanta lets her drive as much or as little as she can. She also loves the workout she gets from picking up and delivering food. (Many runs are nearly lift-free for those less fitness minded!) In February, Millkey got to be part of a driver team that rescued thousands of pounds of nutritious, unserved food from Super Bowl venues.

“It’s really a no brainer. Food that used to go to waste and end up in the landfill now helps feed the many hungry people in our community.” Another plus?  “Second Helpings Atlanta is so appreciative of what we do!”