Volunteer Story: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Volunteer food rescue drivers that are mom and daughter, Halley Morochnik and Jane Stelle
Mother-Daughter Volunteer drivers, Halley Morochnik (left) and Jane Steele (right).

This blog post was graciously provided by Halley Morochnik, a Volunteer driver AND WordPress Developer for Second Helpings Atlanta. She is also the founder of WebStep Design, a firm that specializes in web sites for small businesses and non-profits.

When my mom, Jane Steele, heard about Second Helpings Atlanta (SHA) four years ago, it ignited her passion to feed hungry families in and around Atlanta. She signed up as a Volunteer driver for the Dunwoody Farmers Market route but didn’t stop there. My mom started recruiting.

The Volunteer drivers increased at SHA as several of my mom’s friends joined, but there was one last recruit she set sights on … me. Her efforts worked. For the past two years, I’ve been a Volunteer driver, too, picking up leftover food from Publix at Hammond Square and delivering it to Malachi Storehouse at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, just 3 miles from my home.

Gary, who runs the loading dock at Publix, welcomes me each time I arrive. He runs a tight ship, politely managing all the truck drivers, trucks, and items that come and go from his loading dock. We’ve gotten to know each other over the years, sharing stories about his golf game and my son’s baseball games. Gary offers an umbrella in the rain and a helpful hand when I load my SUV. Getting to know the people donating food – as well as the Agencies that distribute food – is part of the fun of being a Volunteer driver for Second Helpings Atlanta.

Although my mom and I drive different routes on different days, we both deliver food to Malachi’s Storehouse. My mom looks younger than her age, so it’s always fun to see reactions from people at Malachi’s or SHA who know us independently. When they learn she’s my mom, they’re always surprised.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!