Feeding the Hungry Is a Wise Investment

By Evie Sacks, previously appeared in D’var Sinai

Every week, Second Helpings Atlanta (SHA) volunteers rescue thousands of pounds of nutritious food and deliver it to agencies that feed the hungry across the Atlanta metro. Our organization runs on the energy of our drivers and the generosity of our food donors. We also need money.

Collecting and distributing 1.5 million pounds of food (and counting) per year requires high-level planning and coordination. We need funds to pay for salaries for our small, but efficient staff, as well as for technology, supplies and operation of our refrigerated truck. We also develop materials to teach students about food waste and its environmental impact. And we’re frequently out in the community telling our story. All this costs money.

If you or your business are considering a donation to a growing, deserving nonprofit organization, we hope you’ll consider Second Helpings Atlanta. The return on investment is impressive. Just $250 helps us rescue 2,330 pounds of food. With $500 we can rescue and deliver 3,900 healthy meals.

If a sizable, one-time donation isn’t an option, please consider Second Helpings Atlanta donations in memory or honor of a special person or occasion. No returns, and always a perfect fit! You can donate on line at https://www.secondhelpingsatlanta.org/support. To discuss getting involved as a financial or food donor, or as a driver, please contact SHA executive director Joe Labriola at director@secondhelpings.info today. Thank you!